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Working In Clay Workshops

This class will provide you with a basic introduction and a comprehensive hands-on experience. 
You will discover the responsive quality of clay, and create your own masterpiece sculpture.
Classes are available at all levels of experience and starts with a minimum 3 hr class.  These are individual classes. This ensures that a high degree of individual attention is given.
The workshop will focus on sculpting techniques and will include 6 hours of instruction over a two day period which runs from 6 am to 9 pm.



Available supplies not included in price with class: ½ Box of Clay (25 lbs), Tool Kit
Not supplied with class that you will need to bring to the class: melamine board approx. 12 inch square or larger, plastic bag to cover work, flannel cloth (size of pillow case), reference materials (subjects you would like to sculpt), rolling pin (optional), small plastic container with lid (margarine container), spray bottle, and a small sponge.

CLASS PRICES $60/3 hours instruction

Book your class through facebook or instagram

see supply list above for materials list
Ages 16 to 99

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